How can we send same-day emails? Marketing is about being ready in the moment. When most of our city's pipes froze and we wanted to email customers the same day, we couldn't do it with Marketing Pro which felt like a huge slap in our face lol.

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This feature is available in Marketing Pro (released in ST-56). You can find more information here.

Thank you for the link to the update Mel, I am trying to get a campaign set up where an email would go out right away once a new customer books a job so they know what to expect!  I am thrilled that we can send out emails same day but is there a way to know if it is going immediately?  For instance job books, email goes out?  If that is what is in the update that is awesome!!  I was just reading it was same day but I couldn't tell if we only wanted to send it to customers that would set up a first appointment the following day.....ugh....does that make sense?  LOL

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I agree! I would love to be able to send a welcome email to a customer as soon as they book!  Almost within the hour letting them know what they can expect looking forward to that being developed!