Tag Triggering

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( COMMUNITY-I-1659 ) I'd like the ability for there to be a trigger for our tags. The same way that there are triggers for forms. For example, if Service Titan recognizes that we're visiting a new customer, it will apply a "new customer" tag to their job. If Service Titan were to recognize that a customer has cancelled their Membership with us in the past, it applies a "Previous Member" tag to the customer. I manage our Marketing Pro and its a lot easier to create an audience using tags. If I could stop relying on CSR's to apply each tag needed to each job/customer for my Marketing Pro benefits, that'd be great.

I did post this as an idea! ( COMMUNITY-I-1659 ) Please go vote for it, I think this will make things much easier for the Marketing teams involved with Service Titan. 


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This would be so helpful and save so much time

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I like this idea! It would also be helpful for other workflows, ex: if you add a parts received tag, it will automatically remove a parts ordered tag. 

Pam Duffy, Powerhouse Consulting Group
ServiceTitan Certified Coach + ServiceTitan Certified Marketer + Zapier Certified Expert

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This is such a great idea and will definitely help with workflow. Voted for it!