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Hello friends!
Looking for some advice on best membership processes... We started up a new maintenance plan a few months ago. It is $11 per month with no initiation fee and includes a 10% discount ons ervice. Here are some of the issues we are running into... Hoping someone can relate or has advice on how to solve them!
  1. Techs are writing up multiple quotes with the plan on each one so that they can show the customer the price that reflects the 10% discount. So wen the customer calls in to schedule multiple quotes, duplicate plans are being sold.
  2. Because of the ongoing monthly charge, we need to collect credit card info from customer to tie directly to the membership. ST informed us that techs do not have access to tie a credit card directly to the membership (they only have permission to select a primary card on a customer account). So right now, over 50% of our memberships do not have cards tied to them. If there is no card attached, it defaults to the primary payment method on file. This creates issues because what if the customer does not want to use that specific card for the monthly payment? We are trying to come up with a workflow that will solve this issue. As of right now, our office manager is pulling a report of all memberships without a card attached, and we are calling them to verify/collect that info.
Any advice or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

For the Card being set as preferred, we use a Dispatch Debrief Form that the dispatchers ask if the offered a membership and if yes what card they want to use for it so we can update it before the call is completed. It helps cut down on that situation for us 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Do you have the show member savings toggled on? If you do this in the feature configurations then you can just give them one quote for the member ship and the other quotes would show what they could save automatically. 

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