Membership Help Needed Please!

Memberships are not my strong point, but I know enough to get done what needs done...usually. I have a client that for some reason has a membership with a 2 year duration, but it should only be 1 year. I tried to edit the "From" and "To" date and eve...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Why is it that you can move an invoice from its Location or its Bill To address but the membership once sold will not move? I do not want to Have to Cancel & Re-Sell a membership just because it was purchased under a "builder" and not the homeowner. ...

lorena by New Contributor II
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Permanently Delete Membership Type

I want to throw out the suggestion of being able to permanently delete items in Service Titan, specifically at this time membership types. Though it's fine for them to be deactivated when choosing a membership for a customer, there isn't an option to...

shandac by New Contributor
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10 month Service Agreement

We have a customer who wants a service agreement for 10 months their business is seasonal and only operates 10 moths a year. Customer has 5 locations, each location will require biweekly service beginning April 1 through December 31. Customer only wa...

Jase1000 by New Contributor III
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Creating Memberships

Wondering if I could could get some help starting a membership program which we want to implement asap. We have four divisions including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair and was hoping we could pick someones brain on how they started ...

James by New Contributor
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