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Hello Everyone! I am trying to find a better way to track our memberships. Currently we are using binders with our agreements in them, to keep up with who to call, and who we've already called. 

I have a few questions about tracking all memberships through service titan opposed to just tracking the expiring memberships. Our customers pay for a year up front, so how do we know which customers to call when it’s time to schedule prepaid maintenances? Is there a way to generate  or track who we’ve already reached out to through Service Titan? I know we can leave notes under the membership that we've called, but can I view them all at once and not have to pull up individual customers? Thanks!!!


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One way is to use the follow-up screen -> recurring service events. You can filter by the recurring service type and date. There is a column that will list how many times a customer has been contacted. If you filter by this column, all the zero-contacted members will show first.

The catch to this is that you have to contact the member through this follow-up recurring service page. Texts and calls should be made by clicking on that page only, as it is the only way I have seen it be able to track the number of times the member has been reached out to for scheduling that service.

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Thanks Alyssa! I have been leaving the follow-up note under the membership page. Yesterday, after reading your response, I experimented with leaving the follow-up note under the re-occurring appointment page, and it worked! Now, when I run my report it does change from 'not attempted' to 'unreachable'. It still does not show what date they were contacted unless you click on the customer. Either way, thank you for the I have a better understanding.

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Great question. I'm wondering the same thing!!!

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