Resolved! reoccurring service events

I've noticed that when we are selling maintenance plans the reoccurring service events are actually doubling. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago. Our plans come with one AC tune up and One Heater tune up but it now says there are two each....

lkind by New Contributor II
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Membership Automatic Billing

Can anyone help me with automatic billing on the annual memberships? We are having just a few each month process payment already and I am not sure what differentiate those customers from the others. I want to take this feature off so it will not auto...

hbraddy by New Contributor
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Material on a membership

Does anyone add their filters on a Membership? We have customer that use special filters and they would rather pay for their Membership and pay for their filters upfront with the contract. It will not let you add material unless you add a tech but we...

LindaSV by New Contributor
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Dismissing Membership Renewals

Hey Hey! Does anyone know of a way to dismiss membership renewals so they are out of the expiring membership screen in the Follow Up's Tab? We are making sure to notate on the customer notes portion but we aren't seeing a way to completely dismiss th...

Resolved! How do we change Service Plans to annual?

I have a LOT of customers who want to sign up for our annual maintenance plan, but they want to pay in bulk upfront instead of receiving the bills monthly.The only way around this I've found is to collect the payment, have it sit in the credits balan...

faribam1 by New Contributor III
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Tracking Sold Memberships

Since we went live with our memberships we have noticed that they are not being tracked correctly on Service Titan. Typically we will have a technician who goes out to provide an estimate for work. Sometimes if the job is small enough they will compl...

DawnFinch by New Contributor
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Membership P&L

Is there a report that will tell me the membership cost vs sale. Profit or loss of the membership for the duration. This could be helpful for renewal pricing.

lpalladi by New Contributor III
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Reminder for Memberships

Is there a report or follow up or something we can set as a reminder for our sales reps and technicians that a customer has an upcoming maintenance coming up or to schedule one or that their agreement is expiring and we need to contact them about ren...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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