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Rheem has replaced its existing catalog with a new version and separated Ruud products into their own catalog. This will give you more control over how you engage with each brand. Additionally, this change includes guardrails to prevent duplicate items from being exported to QuickBooks due to character limitations.

On August 27, 2021, ServiceTitan disabled the previous Rheem catalog integration, and in January 2022 the new Rheem catalog became available. Ruud products are now available in their own dedicated catalog. If you currently use Ruud products, please reach out to ServiceTitan Support to activate this new catalog in your account.

ProPlumber products are not available at this time in either catalog. These will be available at a later date once the supplier makes them available.

We strongly recommend running the item mapping process on the catalogs screen under the Pricebook tab. Mapping your items is a best practice that ensures your Pricebook reflects the most accurate product data available from any of our supplier catalogs. If you do not have the option to “Map to provider” in the new catalog, please contact the ServiceTitan Support team through the ServiceTitan Help feature.

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