Pricebook vs Pricebook Pro

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We are currently using Pricebook Pro but are not using the features and benefits we are paying for. We would like to go back to the regular pricebook, but can't remember how it differs in terms of visually in the app and the tech experience. I am also unsure as to the process of building/creating a pricebook.

Has anyone reverted back to the regular Pricebook from Pricebook Pro. I'd love to hear your experience with this and how it went. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Agreed that it does not seem worth it.  Everything is modified, many things are set at static prices to avoid updates and price reductions.  The materials included are inadequate and about 10% of materials we use.  

Also in order to use other features like equipement and link the equipement to the task you can't have pricebook update any of those items.  It wants to use materials which are not trackable like equipment.

We do like the task items and the materials linked on all and it would take a long time to recreate.  Not sure if you could duplicate and export and import after turned off, this would be the only way....

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I've dedicated a significant amount of time to crafting our new pricebook, following instructions from our CSM to work in the practice environment to avoid any disruption to our live account. This transition is crucial as we shift from the legacy purchase order module to the Purchase Order Module. I've invested over 100 hours into this new pricebook and diligently backed it up through daily exports. However, everything vanished on Monday morning. What exacerbates the situation is the inability to import my backup due to intricate material links from vendor material lists and tasks, where one is interdependent on the other. It's turned into a nightmare. The customer service from ST has been less than satisfactory; each conversation leads to redirection to another department with a 24-hour response time. With our launch scheduled for the 1st of the year, this setback is unnerving. I'm uncertain about the next steps and how to proceed now.

This was more me venting, i suppose. Maybe it will teach someone else what not to do. If your already on the PO Module, this wont be a problem.

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Its a daunting task. I would say build yourself a pricebook inside the current pricebook first under a hidden sub category that you could push over. I have thought of doing the same as the pricebook pro just doesnt quite seem worth it as you constantly have to modify everything for your specific region anyhow. ST could probly save a fortune by abandoning it the way it is and moving that Dept. over to another project and stop selling pricebook as a Pro item.