Vendor Cost on Inventory Items

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We do not currently use the inventory module, but we do sync inventory items/purchase orders/invoices through Quick Books.  When receiving an item from multiple vendors, is there a reason why the inventory cost for an item is not an average between all of the vendors the item is purchased from?  Currently, the cost pulls only from whomever is marked as the "Primary Vendor".  


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Hi @neiamech 

I wanted to follow up with you in regards to the Pricebook cost that it shows for your equipment. The reason it does not show an average is due to the way the software is set up it will only display the cost for the primary vendor. Once you create a Purchase Order the cost will update on the Purchase Order depending on which vendor is selected for that purchase order. 

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Hi @neiamech  thanks for reaching out! One of our product experts will be in touch shortly to assist.