ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

2022 was a roller coaster of a year. With businesses opening up, we saw inflation soar, supply chain issues, and a looming recession that challenged us to adapt.

As we wrap up the year, we want to take a moment to reflect. Our team here at ServiceTitan dove into the data — the essential worker continues to hold true, and our contractors have had a big year!

We recognize our Titans worked hard and continued to grow despite challenges, and through it all, they embraced their communities in supportive ways, and came together to seek inspiration and knowledge from peers. As we look at the numbers from this year of ups and downs, we’re reminded that #TradesShowUp.

Every day, our team strives to support and empower our contractors to be successful. Over the last year, ServiceTitan released hundreds of updates and dozens of new features. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from 2022. 

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Improving What We Have

A huge focus of 2022 was improving the core products our contractors know and love. Over the span of the year, ServiceTitan released 242 core feature improvements and 17 brand new core features. In addition, we consistently prioritized and tracked YAWL (You Asked, We Listened) features throughout the year. These 55 feature improvements account for almost a quarter of our feature improvements over the last year. 

Some feature highlights include:

  • Schedule Assistant — Schedule technicians based on drive times to reduce windshield time, save time scheduling, and get more jobs done in less time. 

  • Automated SMS Follow-ups for Recurring ServicesSet up automated text reminders to schedule appointments to save your CSRs time making calls, leaving voicemails, and playing phone tag.

  • Conditional Logic in Forms — Enforce standard operating procedures while capturing important information in the field with Conditional “if-then” logic in forms to save time in the office and the field.

  • Pricing Builder — Automate your Residential and Commercial Pricebook with rules-based automation to apply the right price at the right time, every time.

These are some of our contractors’ favorite YAWL feature improvements:

  • Technician Two Way Chat — Give technicians the ability to respond to customer chats to ensure your customers are informed and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Automatically Send Invoices — Speed up the invoice process while customizing how and when invoices are automatically emailed to your customers.

  • Improved Alerts for Technician Forms — Receive alerts when technicians complete forms to improve efficiency in the office.

  • Call Linking Confirmation — Prevent mismatched customer calls with pop-up confirmation windows to keep your data accurate in the office. 

Contractor Spotlight: Highest TitanScore Increase in 2022

TitanAdvisor personalizes feature recommendations and gives step-by-step guidance for ServiceTitan contractors to take full advantage of ServiceTitan. We wanted to give a huge shoutout to the team at Astacio Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical — which increased its Titan Score from 131 to 221 in the past year — the biggest increase of any contractor on ServiceTitan. Congratulations! 

Richard Astacio, the General Manager on the team at Astacio says that, “TitanScore helps keep track of our progress and ensures we continue to maximize our use of the software.” 

Upleveling with Titan Intelligence

As the power of software evolves, it’s more important than ever to leverage your data, and we’re committed to empowering contractors through the power of data-driven technology. Titan Intelligence — or “AI for the trades” — utilizes that power to fuel industry trends, insights, and data to give contractors more advanced tools for their businesses. In 2022, ServiceTitan launched its first Titan Intelligence products, including the Benchmark Report, where contractors can see how they stack up compared to similar businesses. Two additional Titan Intelligence features for Pricebook Pro followed: Smart Recommendations to deliver common upgrades and recommendations for technicians to bundle with services sold, and Price Insights with Regional Average Pricing on your services to help inform your pricing strategy. 

Doubling Down on Commercial

Commercial contractors are a huge part of the ServiceTitan ethos, and they make up a huge population of ServiceTitan’s contractor base, as do the many residential contractors that also serve commercial clients. In 2022, ServiceTitan doubled down on efforts to support commercial-focused contractors and released 105+ feature improvements to support these workflows. Some highlights include:

  • Client Specific Pricing — Customize rate sheets to set unique prices for specific customers that automatically update when material or labor costs are changed. 

  • Office Estimates — Quickly get estimates out the door with an intuitive estimate builder that lets you edit items inline, create item groups, and dynamically displays your gross margin.

  • Project TrackingKeep your costs in check and manage resources effectively with real-time visibility into your progress and profits to ensure every project stays on budget and schedule. 

Growing with Enterprise

ServiceTitan continues to invest in contractor growth with the release of Enterprise Hub, a centralized management platform for administrative and operational control across business units, branch locations, and geographies. 

Enterprise Hub includes Roll-Up Reporting, Multi-Location User Management, and Titan Exchange to enable shared service, standardize report definitions, centrally control user management, role definitions, and configuration management. Here you can run reports for multiple locations from one place, manage calls centrally, and in the near future, centralize your pricebook.

Taking Contractors to the Next Level with Pro and Fintech

For contractors who want to take their business even further, ServiceTitan’s Pro products help them do just that. With Marketing Pro, Pricebook Pro, and Phones Pro, contractors can take advantage of premium features designed to help accelerate growth. In 2022, ServiceTitan released 22 Pro feature improvements with the following key highlights

  • Marketing Pro had two huge feature releases with Acquisition Audiences in Marketing Pro - Direct Mail as well as Ads Measurement. 

  • Pricebook Pro expanded into new trades such as Water Treatment, and added new sub trades including Duct Services, Air Quality, and Leak Detection. 

  • Pricebook Pro released Price Insights, which include Regional Pricing Averages for services to help contractors know where they stand and have more confidence in their pricing strategy.

In FinTech news, some big updates were released this year:

  • Payables gave AP Managers an in-app solution to enter, approve, and send vendor payments for PO and non-PO bills with just a few clicks. Not only did owners gain an easy-to-digest view of what’s owed, pending, and paid, they received their 1% rebate checks via direct deposit. Additional enhancements include real-time payment status tracking, Payables data rolled into Job Costing, and the ability to export credits to Excel.

  • Custom Rule Financing for Canadian partner Financeit was released, making this feature now available across all financing partners.

  • Technicians using ServiceTitan Payments and the BBPOS card readers are now able to proactively check and install firmware updates before heading out to a job from their Technician Profile.

Connecting with Titans in the New ServiceTitan Community

Community allows contractors to connect with ServiceTitan product experts, power users, and other Community members to ask questions, share their expertise, get the latest ServiceTitan updates, and grow professionally.

With greater functionality than before, Community ensures contractors find the answers they need to fully leverage ServiceTitan and discover best practices to become more successful in their trade and business.

As you set your goals for 2023, be sure to leverage Community. We’ve made it easier for you to connect with peers, request features, provide feedback, and keep up with announcements, events, or training that ServiceTitan offers. Our goal is to make it simple for your team to get the most out of ServiceTitan.