Contributor II

Please note that there are no new mobile features this release so there will be no "Field Features with Margaux" video for ST-67, but in the meantime this is a great time to take advantage of the resource given out at Pantheon during the Supercharge Your Technician's Workflows Seminar.

Here is the Pantheon Resource: to find a ton of past training videos Margaux has recorded for technicians. Things like: "Mobile Follow Ups", "Top 10 Mobile Tips", and "Mobile Troubleshooting" and all of the previous release videos!

All of these can be quickly added to the content portal for technicians to watch on their tablets.

Do you publish content for your technicians in the content portal? If not, these videos are a quick training session you can have your technicians watch! Instructions linked here. Just take the youtube link and add it to a new post in your content portal!