Technicians Consuming Inventory from a Different Truck

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I found a permission that allows technicians to consume inventory from a truck other than their own. I cannot figure out how to actually do this on a mobile invoice. Has anyone had experience with this that can help me?


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The concept of a truck inventory is that the assigned driver is the responsible person for that inventory. this means that the person who is consuming inventory from another truck must get the driver to  consume that material or it will need to be returned to the stocking warehouse and assigned to the new truck. This is assuming that both trucks are working on the same job. Tech A does not have a part on Their Truck But Tech B does. The short answer would be For Tech B to expend the item to the job BOTH techs are assigned to. Otherwise the regular replenishment process should be followed. That is why we assign a truck inventory and make it a responsibility of the driver. so parts get accurately accounted for.  As a manger my question would be why truck A does NOT have the part. It may be that it it is in a replenishment PO. in That case do an emergency fill for the item and send it to the tech. Techs should not be using materials from each others truck without the responsible tech for each truck expending the item. 

Michael Taggert