Project Tracking-Detailed Statement of Payments

We have a commercial customer that we do big projects for that frequently asks for a statement of all his payments. Is there something I'm missing on the project to show a statement or is running a report the easiest way to show this?

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Inventory Tracking templates

Hello we are new to ST and we need some help being able to track our inventory for our warehouse along with our trucks that carry our supplies. One goal is to be able to make each truck that we have a mobile warehouse in which we want to be able to k...

Kweeks94 by New Contributor
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Change Orders

Does anyone have a good change order form in Service Titan? Sending the estimate form does not look good to the customer and does not provide a running total of the contract. We would like to have something that states "Change Order #(whatever)" and ...

Retainage Changes

We've run into a problem in Service Titan with not being able to change the retainage amount once the first billing cycle has started. In many large construction contracts, the general contractor will state that the 10% retainage will drop to 5% afte...


Hello -we had our service team do some backflow testing on one of our new construction projects, so they created a job and invoice under the project. We do not want to bill this as a separate invoice, instead, we would like to bill it as part of our ...

Create custom POs

In ST POs it creates your PO based on the job number you input. Sometimes, the job will already have been closed and exported so this PO will not populate and ST creates its own PO so you cannot trace it back to a job or estimate number. We would lov...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Customer Statements by Project

We have customers that have several different projects going at once.We often need to send them a statement for open invoices just on a certain project.It would be really beneficial to have an option within each project to send/print the customera st...

Piccinini by New Contributor II
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