Tracking Idea - Fully editable Alerts

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It would be nice if Alerts could be built from the ground up rather than some canned fields.  Specifically I support some back office accountants and they would like Project related alerts that include Project #, Customer Name, Amount Invoiced for a project, etc.

It would be nice to create a template for an alert that shows all this information and other fields as needed. 


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I agree, completely!!
Our office does something similar to this by creating custom Forms the techs must complete prior to project completion status. We schedule the alerts to notify the respective person needed when the forms are completed. We require the information specifics, such as situations like this, to be completed at closing. Then add an alert for the form completion. 

same with leads for techs to keep them updated on the accurate totals to add to their spiff sheets. 
When they make a commission from leads or sell memberships they fill a form for themselves and alert their own account when it is completed. 

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