attachments to follow new job

Hello Service Titan team,We would really benefit from being able to have any attachments, ie. pictures and other notes, from the estimate appointment to the new booked job. This is a really big failure for us. When the techs in the field go to the jo...

Linking Inventory Transfer To Jobs?

Hello everyone,I was wondering if anyone has a way or a workflow that links inventory transfers from our own warehouse directly to jobs.Essentially, whenever a technician pulls out inventory items from our warehouse (using transfers), we want to be a...

louisyuhan by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Set taxable option on Estimates from API

Hi, we are sending Estimates to Jobs from our application using the API. I have 2 questions:1. Can we set any field to indicate on the Estimate that the fields should be taxable? or is that something that can only be done when creating an Invoice?2. ...

Resolved! Material List Form Alert

Right now I can get an emailed alert when a material list form is complete. The problem is this form alert happens whenever it gets filled out, which is fine, but I do not need the material list emailed when it is just a quote. I need it only emailed...

CSRColvin by New Contributor
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Resolved! Job Costing with a Salaried Technician.

Hi guys, I was curious to see how everyone was job-costing within Service Titan when it comes to a salaried technician since Service Titan does not have the salary-based payroll. The only workaround we can think of to show on the job costings is to w...

cynthiamarrufo by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Materials + Equipment Breakdown Feature Request

It would be great if on the Project page there was a full material/equipment breakdown. There's places to access it such as the invoice etc. but parts could be spread over multiple invoices or the same item could be on two separate estimates for two ...

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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Sold Estimate notification for the tech

How do you all notify your technician that the estimate they wrote while onsite sold/converted to a job?I have alerts set up to notify the creator when online estimates are signed but we are not using this currently to avoid itemized price break down...

AlexPhylactou_0-1680179673695.png AlexPhylactou_1-1680179725675.png
AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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