In Aspire how do I calculate renewal retention by Account Managers

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We have tried various ways, and it takes too long to find something so simple, we must be doing it wrong.   Right now we have to export to Excel an account owner's client list from a previous year, and then export a current one, then sort and find out who has canceled.  This takes 30 to 45 minutes for a rep and is still not accurate because any account that has been deactivated or simply moved to another account owner does not show up.  


I will have a series of questions on pipeline management that I have not been able to get an Aspire CSM to answer.   If anyone can help or wants to sell us some Aspire consulting services we would be interested. 


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Hi @Yummytacos1 - welcome to the Community! This is a great question, let's see if we can get you some assistance. @Chof22 or @malmbe - any suggestions for @Yummytacos1

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