Custom Dashboards just made me look like a smarty-pants!


So each day I do an end of day report.  I've created a few reports that I run so that the boss has an idea of where we were yesterday, where we are now, and what to expect tomorrow.  Also, he loves seeing if Estimates have been written and sent by technicians, so I made that report too.

I just had the biggest epiphany which may have been totally obvious to everyone else - but I created a dashboard for the owner.

This way he has full control over the reports and can check it real time from sitting in his hot tub or wherever he may be!  

It made me look like a badass, but also I feel so dumb that I'm just now thinking of doing this 😎


Thanks for following along!

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You are awesome! Great job!

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@ChelseaTitan Amazing - way to go!