Reports - Reversing pinned notes on reports to show newest in the front on excel.

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When downloading the accounts receivable report, and checking off "with pinned notes", the oldest pinned note is at the beginning of the cell, does anyone know if it is possible to show the newest note 7/21/22 in the front of the cell?

Example below:

5/25/22 LM with Teresa in maintenance to call us back or will try to reach out again tomorrow
6/17/22 Tried to call about payment. Phone rang until it finally just hung up. Never went to VM
7/21/22 Spoke with Teresa and sent over invoice #53624860 to the maint email address

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Both, but in particular it's more useful to export to excel to work through. It is a Legacy report so there are no filter options. 

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Hi there! Are you referring to when you export the report to excel or inside of the report? What are the filter options? 

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