What is the way you track outbound calls if you don't have the Service Titan calling service?

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What have you been doing to track outbound calls since we don't have the Service Titan Calling Service. All of our office team are remote workers, and we all share VOIP phone whoever gets to the phone call first responds to it.

This being said we cannot dial out of service titan since it will all ring to our 5 reps and we have no way of tracking outbound call bookings from cold calls or lead generating sources.


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For 6 years, before I got Phones Pro (recently), I created a dummy customer...literally named the customer ? with ? in all the address fields. Then every outbound call I needed to make I would go to that customer, type the phone number in, click save, then click on the number to call so it was recorded in ST. Each office employee was set up with their cell phone number in the call forwarding option in settings. So only that person's phone would ring. After the call was complete, I'd delete that number from the ? customer. If they booked a job, I would re-assign the call to the job. If they didn't I would leave the call recording in in the ? customer. A good thing about doing it this way was if that customer ever booked a job in the future, that original phone call automatically attached to the new customer profile.

Hope this makes sense. I actually kind of wish I still did it this way because there's a lot of stuff about Phones Pro that REALLY pisses me off!!!!