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It would be great if the PDFs that are attached to equipment could be sent as an attachment along with the estimate/proposal in the email. A lot of our customers like to have the manufactures brochures to look through when deciding which equipment they'd like to choose from the options. Currently, the sales representative sends the email with the estimate/proposal and then 'replies' to the sent email with the warranty brochure and the equipment brochure. 


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Hi @LisaHVAC - welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

This is a great idea and seems like it would add benefit your customers. I'm wondering if someone has already suggested the same idea. Head over to Ideas and search for COMMUNITY-I-2052. Be sure to add your vote that idea, add a comment or two to further refine the existing idea, OR create your own idea, if the other idea doesn't match what you'd like to see.

I hope this helps!