Paid Meal Breaks

I think it would be super beneficial to have the option to easily make the built-in meal breaks either unpaid (which is the default currently) or paid (which doesn't seem to be an option right now without implementing some weird workaround), like we ...

cfogle by New Contributor
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Is this for real? Receiving Payments

We have to ultimately “touch” the payment (3) times! Is this for real?1- Receiving the payment in ST2- Depositing the payment under “ bank deposits” in ST (so the reports come out correctly showing what is really unpaid 30, 60, 90days – without this ...

Auto batching Timing

Is there a way that the Auto Batching can be timed so that it coincides with the settlement reports for STPayments and Translink? Currently it does not and for creating deposits in Intacct using Home Services and the Batch exports, they do no match u...

jeaninec by New Contributor
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Hyperlinks for AHRI ratings

I need the ability to add hyperlinks in my estimate template summary so that our customers can be redirected to the AHRI directory where their equipment specific information can be found and used for performance verification or tax credits

Bmwomack by New Contributor
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Customer Portal and filtering viewed invoices

Presently in the customer portal all completed invoices can be seen. The problem is..... there is no time for administration to review the invoices and make corrections when the technicians are completing the jobs in the field. We would like the abil...

Invoice Editing Permissions once invoice is Batched.

Is there a way to turn off/revoke individual employee's permissions to not be able to edit an invoice once it's been batched? We've had a few issues lately where invoices have been checked and batched, but not yet exported, and an employee will not n...

ashleyle1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Digital Estimate Layout Adjustments

Hello!I was reviewing an estimate for a customer today as the digital version ( and came across a few issues. It would be great if we could adjust the style/layout of the page overall but a big red flag for us is the price ...

Customer Print Line

Customer Print Line – We have like our customers to have the ability to print their name as well as sign their name in two different boxes that the “Customer Acknowledgement” stage.ThanksRoger

rcampbel by New Contributor II
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Accounts Receivable report should show all credit balances

the Accounts Receivable report should show all credit balances. It is imperative that the report show so all customers credit balances in order to properly reconcile Service Titan against accounting software Accounts Receivable report

brandy by New Contributor
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Refund Process

I feel like the whole refund process is a nightmare. Its very time consuming and confusing. I have issues with the taxes going with the refund. It wont calculate tax. The steps you have to take is overwhelming.

julie-as by New Contributor
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