Auto send receipts

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When an invoice is paid in full (or even in part) I believe it would be good if a receipt was auto generated and emailed to the customer. 


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I was coming here to ask a similar question.   Right now I just send customers paid copies of their invoices if they want a receipt but this sort of thing really ought to be automatic.

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So does that mean it's something that is getting worked on and currently isn't an available option? Or is there a way we can set it up to send a payment confirmation of some kind, even if it's not a receipt?

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Hi Carlie! I believe this idea does already exist- it's something our product team is considering down the line, but it doesn't hurt to go in and thumbs the idea for an extra vote! 🙂 

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ServiceTitan Community Team

I did search prior to posting but was unable to find anything. Please send me a link if you are able and I will thumb it up! Cheers 🙂