Is there anyway to email payment receipts to customers as opposed to having to send the invoice with a $0.00 balance?

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This is super helpful. Thank you Donna for giving an answer. We get asked this too

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Check out that site and get a log in if you process through Service Titan. You can email straight from that site too, I just like to make the copy and do it through Service Titan for the record of it.

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We would also love to be able to simply email a credit card receipt to our customers as we take deposits for upcoming projects and I don't agree with sending a document called an Invoice as a receipt for a payment.

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That is not entirely true. We can log in to Service Titan Payment Gateway, save a credit card payment receipt as a PDF, and email it to the customer. A couple of extra steps, but sometimes, that is what they are asking for.

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Hi Ivan, there is not a way. You must email the invoice.

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