Is this for real? Receiving Payments

We have to ultimately “touch” the payment (3) times! Is this for real?1- Receiving the payment in ST2- Depositing the payment under “ bank deposits” in ST (so the reports come out correctly showing what is really unpaid 30, 60, 90days – without this ...


Paid invoices only show the name of the card used (Visa, Mastercard, etc) under payment type but nothing indicates WHICH card on file the customer used. You NEED to include the last four digits of the card or I have no way of knowing which card a cus...

jackieth by New Contributor
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Payment Terms on Interest/Late Fee Adjustments

I am having an issue with the charging interest process. When I am charging interest there are customers that are showing up, pre-selected as late, even though they are not due based on their payment terms. I am told by Support that "The outstanding ...

NicoleMZ by New Contributor II
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Purchase Orders - Customer Designation

Hello...In QuickBooks Online for vendor bills: the materials exported from ST to QBO - the purchase orders does not reflect the designated customer account it corresponds to after exporting. Is there any way ST can figure out a way to add the custome...

New Payment Module- Need to Revamp

The new payment module - the way it is constructed has added extra steps to my work flowin the past - a credit could be issued on an invoice and then a negative payment to offset the credit ( all done prior to exporting)NOW - I issue the credit - hav...

nw_basne by New Contributor
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Resolved! PO workflow

I am confused about the Bill that are created with PO. After I create a P.O. I receive it, I then create a receipt , then finally a bill. Then this is where I get stuck. What do I do with the bills, I have over 800 and I can’t do anything with them,

kaltec by New Contributor
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Resolved! Adjustment Invoice Notes

Wanting to see adjustment invoice notes from the original invoice instead of clicking on the pencil

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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Signatures from estimate to invoice

Is there a way for signatures from an estimate can transfer to an invoice once the estimate is converted? We are having our customers sign estimates and then sending them the invoice to sign again. I feel we're asking for too many signatures and hone...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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AR Invoice signature size

When printing an AR customer invoice a lot of space is taken up with the "signature" related to the authorization and acknowledgement areas. Is there any way to decrease the size of these areas?

DebMar by New Contributor
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Resolved! Mobile Check Capture

It would be so great to be able to use the mobile check capture feature from the office side for checks that get mailed from commercial customers. I would be happy to login to my office account on a mobile device to be able to capture the photos. Thi...