Has anyone switch from QuickBooks desktop to online?

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We're needing work arounds with the AP Compatibility with Service Titan

I don't want my AP person having to enter data in twice and it looks like that may be an issue with exporting to QuickBooks Online


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I haven't had this specific problem but I have had something similar. I finally started working with an app developer who helps me create personalized workarounds. I have been surprised by how inexpensive the solutions have been.  I used him recently to recreate a scheduling tool that had too many steps and caused people to just move on instead of scheduling.

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My two cents stay with QB Desktop and host it in the cloud, we use Rightnetworks for hosting it.

We were with QBO and the reporting is not great in it.

I've looked into a software called oracle/netsuite, I know it integrates with ST and we will probably move to something like that in the future with our growth.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

A previous company I had worked at had this issue.  Our only way of doing it to limit data entry a bit was to use AutoEntry (https://www.autoentry.com/) Still not a great solution, but it worked.

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