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I came across this idea: that Job Costing includes the Customer name...go give it a vote!
I have just recently realized that when you pull up job costing, that PO's cost includes taxes. This doesn't seem right to me...if we purchased equipment/materials outside of the job then the cost of the tax on those items would not be included. Has ...
Is there a way for the Job Costing flyout to breakdown the Purchase Order? I am wanting to see what each PO has in it on the job costing page.
Does anyone have a way of showing the burden rate of the salesman commission on installs job costing? I know we can set the payroll to reflect commission, but nothing I can find will show the burden rate for them.
Is there anywhere that shows arrived when a PO has been marked as arrived by the inventory app? I only see that the packing slip is attached to the PO and the only alerts related to PO's has to do with the admin/accounting side.