Invoice sent thru text

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a nice feature to have in Service Titan would be the ability to send an invoice thru text message.  We have a lot of customers who either refuse to give us email or just don't have/use email.    Everybody seems to use text 


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YES we need this!!!!

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Yes!! There are other less capable software on the market who are already using this feature. It makes sense that Service Titan should as well. I'm surprised that this isn't already a function.. I wonder if there are patents or rules as to why they haven't added this yet.

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Please... this is needed. 

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I could not agree more, we are able to chat with a customer but we should also have the ability to attach an invoice or estimate. 

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Hi @smatney! Welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congrats on your first post!

This sounds like a great idea and your fellow Titans agree, as this suggestion has already been made in IdeasIf you navigate to that page, search for COMMUNITY-I-1655 and add your vote.