Issue with Automated Refund Workflow

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We have known about the automated refund workflow for a long time now but continue to not use it because our customers want to see for tracking purposes, ease of understanding, and tax purposes the total amount they paid for work out the door on a single invoice and when using the automated workflow it creates two different invoices neither of which paint the full picture. 

Has anyone found a great way to provide the customer with documentation on a single sheet showing how much they originally paid, the discount, and the refund?  


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I know right it's pretty complicated - below is what we have hope this is helpful. Before these settings were mapped correctly ST would create extra invoices like you describe. Screenshot 2023-06-15 082954.png

Oh my gosh.  Thanks so much for all your help.

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Hi Josh - we do use the new workflow and do not experience a separation of invoices. When refunding a payment on an invoice, the refund is shown as an additional transaction, showing the complete picture. The only time I can think that there wouldn't be is if the payment had never been applied and was refunded from the customer profile. 

It did take a good amount of finagling to get all the settings to work properly, including mapping the refund reasons accurately. 

Thank you for the info that is really interesting.  Right now if I use the automated refund workflow, it creates an adjustment invoice that has the negative discount line item and refund amount.  So that adjustment invoice shows those two things but there is not a single invoice I can give the customer  that shows what the overall work was, the original payment, and the refund.  Here are a few images.  The first image is how we would like it displayed for the customer, the second and third image is how the automated workflow is currently breaking it up.  Is that how it looks for you?

The way I would like it to lookThe way I would like it to lookOriginal.pngDiscount.png

I still can't get my refunds to map properly.  I'm not an accountant and we have a fairly small company.  Can you shed any light on how to make it work including the correct types of GL accounts needed.