Item Images Included in Estimate/Invoice when emailed to customer

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Is anyone able to tell me if there is a way to make our estimates include the image that is associated with the equipment?

For example:
Our techs are in the field, create several estimate options, and can click Present while in front of the homeowner. This will show an image for equipment or whatever package deal was created.
BUT! When that estimate is emailed to the only includes text.
No images. (other than our business logo)

Is there a setting that needs to be changed?
Or is this feature not available from Service Titan?

**Attached image is from another contractor and is an example of what we are looking to mimic.***
**Please excuse the low-quality 😉 ***IMG_8335.jpg





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I did find that if the technician clicks "E-Sign", the email that is sent to the Homeowner will include the images associated with the sale.

But, if the technician clicks "Email", the estimate that is sent does not include the images. 😓

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Besides manually adding those images onto the email, I don't believe there is a way to do it in ST. I would probably contact your CSM to get further instruction on how to approach this. Good luck!