Tasks No Longer Showing Up On Invoices

We can no longer get tasks to show up on our invoices. All that displays on invoices are the job summary and job total. I have tried every setting and configuration I know of to fix this issue, but nothing is working. We are getting some upset custom...

Resolved! Invoices

Is there a way to a set a default email for a customer to receive invoices. We have a property manager that has many locations and multiple emails on the account for various contacts in his organization. When we send invoices I would like to be able ...

acaroluzzi by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Payment Terms

Hello All,I have searched the current community boards and have not been able to locate assistance in this specific topic and maybe I'm missing a setting in Titan. I wanted to check with the community.In the initial Customer set-up, the ST system all...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Best ways to manage paper invoice mailings

We have a few customers who absolutely insist on having invoices either mailed or faxed to them. However, during the usual flow of sending out invoices, more often than not their invoices will be emailed to them, as the only way of marking them as ha...

bdanielson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Paid Invoices Should Show PAID in Big Red Letters!!!!!!

A paid invoice should show PAID in Big Red Letters at the Top of the invoice page. we have had customers call us thinking they where being billed a second time a lot of people don't look all the way at the bottom of the invoice to see due balance of ...

Michael-JC by New Contributor II
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Paid Invoices need a PAID STAMP.

On an almost daily basis we get Emails from customers thinking we did not apply their payment. Despite the payment showing on the invoice, they still overlook it. Our old system had a huge red PAID STAMP. This prevented any confusion and made it clea...

Sample invoice paid stamp.jpg

Invoice Template by Business unit

Hello!ST only has one email invoice template for all business units. We would like to be able to change the invoice template by business unit. We need to word some of the emails differently based on the business unit. Any ideas? Thanks!

janet_da by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Emailed Invoices

After recording payments sent in by telephone our company emails the customer a copy of their invoice showing the payment has been applied leaving a zero balance. The company choice is to send only "aggregated" invoices but that is only one of the op...

New Auto Invoicing Feature Challenges

We're having some challenges with this new process and wanted to see if anyone else has figured out work arounds.1. When a tech needs to add notes or work on estimating a repair, our Dispatcher adds another appointment to the already completed job. W...

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