Statements have become jumbed

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I tried to print the statements for this month, and the addition of new information has made the lines too long for the paper and it is making the last digit or two of the invoice # and prices shift to the 2nd line. I started a help chat through Service Titan and she informed me that there is no way to change this because those are stock fields. I know I could go through and do each individually, but I have 213 statements to print this month and I cannot take that type of time to do it. This is the first time this has happened. It is because of the new inclusion of "Project Invoice #" which our company does not utilize. If that line item was not there, the line would fit on the sheet. I believe it looks messy and unprofessional and I do not want to send this out to my customers. I believe there should be options for what each company individually wants to include on their statements. Like check boxes. Some may not use PO numbers. Some may want to remove the invoiced date and instead include the date the work was completed. It would be beneficial to be able to customize our statements for our own individual business and how we run it. Is anyone else having this issue / concern?Screenshot 2022-08-03 103714.jpg

Picture for example.


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I have the same issue x3. We do 600 Mailed statements not counting emailed! It's frustrating that they make us put it in the "Community" instead of adding features and their customers being able to do things they haven't done before. 

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Hello @MelissaIrmoLock - I tried to duplicate what you are showing and am unable to do so. Does it have something to do with your webpage zoom level? That is just a guess and don't think that is the problem, because if I zoom in 175% it still doesn't do that. I was trying to duplicate it on my end and it doesn't seem to do that. Would you mind sharing your steps and I'll see if I can duplicate it on my end. Maybe try to help. 

Edit: Have you tried sending one to yourself in an email? See if it is the same as you are seeing it in the preview? 

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The issue is that the statement template is completely elementary and totally unprofessional.   I have seen mom & pop shops with more sophisticated layouts.  I don't understand why the statement template is so basic and yet so cumbersome.   It has created a very aged AR for us as we refuse to send statements in this format to our customers.   They are just too confusing and the wrap around makes them just look sloppy. 

Kudos x100!!! When starting with this program, That's the first thing I said!!

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I noticed that if you print a Statement the "Type" column doesn't show and everything reads on one line. However if you take that same statement and email it to a customer the "Type" column is there and pushes everything to a second line. You will also notice if you compare the two statements there are small differences: "Bill to"- "PAST DUE"- "Bottom row of net numbers and balance" is bold on the emailed statement but not on the printed version.

I have a feeling this is a ST template design issue/difference between the two statement options and not something that is a back end edit or change for our user accounts. 

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Honestly, I don't know that answer. I do AR, but I don't set up the templates or anything. I would start with your CSM? May be the quickest and easiest way to get it changed?

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The only thing I am seeing on your statement that is not on ours, is the Net 30 column. If that is not really needed, maybe you could take that out and it would fit? 



I was told by support that I cannot change what columns are shown on my statements. And we do use the Net 30 column because we have some customers that we bill on credit. 

We are a NET30 company also, and have many that we send statements to every month. I am not sure why or how ours does not show that column, but it helps not being there. It would be great if you could get it removed and all of your customers knew from the invoice, which is where ours is noted, that you are a NET30 vendor.