What report is everyone using to reconcile QuickBooks and ServiceTitan? I have not found one report with accurate customer balances including credits in ServiceTitan.

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So I pull the Service Titan Account Receivable (Detail) report with a status of exported. I then copy and paste everything into a spreadsheet and pivot table to a Open by balance by customer report. Rows are customer names and then the value is the sum of all invoices balances. I then go into Quickbooks and pull a Customer Balance Summary Report for the same date (today's). I copy and paste this into a spreadsheet. I then match the rows across my ST report and this QB report. In a separate column I run a difference between the balances and then filter out anything that has a zero difference. What is left is my discrepancies. This is for invoices and credits only of course but its a fairly clean way of doing it.

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I use the Revenue By Account report.  This report is based on the business unit of the TASK that is on the invoice.  I pull it by the invoice date.  I group it by Item Business Unit.  I filter out any invoices that are $0.  I make sure the status of the invoice is EXPORTED and I remove any deferred revenue tasks. I run this report on a weekly basis and compare it to the P&L by Class in QB.  Very easy to find mistakes if there are any and match QB to ST perfectly. 


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If you are using QB Desktop, you can use this report. Transaction Reconciliation Report - QBD

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To make these reports more accurate you will most likely need to start off by fixing your pricebook as that is most likely where the issues begin.