Exported Membership Invoices Wont' Sync

This is an issue for us. Specifically on membership invoices that were created using the renew button. If the customer decides they don't want to move forward OR if we need to make a change ST won't let us sync the exported invoice with Quick Books. ...

sync screenshot.png
jhipke20 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Refund Process

I feel like the whole refund process is a nightmare. Its very time consuming and confusing. I have issues with the taxes going with the refund. It wont calculate tax. The steps you have to take is overwhelming.

julie-as by New Contributor
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Batching error report

I am getting an error report for a batch of invoices. The "action" column has "remote update " listed. Does anyone know what remote update means?

Wrong Customer

My tech applied a payment on the wrong customer, how can I move it?

Vgarrison by New Contributor
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Customer balances in ST should only reflect invoices that have been audited, posted, and exported- not a running total of all jobs in progress... please upvote my idea !! 1-2751

PO's: Parts associated with vendors

It would be FANTASTIC if when creating a PO once you have selected a Vendor your product list would automatically filter to only parts/products that are associated with the specific vendor rather than having all parts/products from all vendors in you...

HVACOps by New Contributor
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Emailed Invoices

After recording payments sent in by telephone our company emails the customer a copy of their invoice showing the payment has been applied leaving a zero balance. The company choice is to send only "aggregated" invoices but that is only one of the op...

Editing exported invoices with Quick Books Online

I was recently told by one of our customers that I need to have the same style invoice all the time. That would not be an issue if I could edit my invoices in service titan once they have been exported. With the system now I can only adjust an invoic...

Statement Issue

We have multiple business units in our account that share customers. We have an issue with our statements only showing one business unit logo and remit to name when there are open invoices from multiple business units. It is really confusing to the c...

aklemme by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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