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Today, September 15th is National Tradesmen Day.

National Tradesmen Day celebrates the hard work of a group without whom this community would not exist. The folks who connect, secure, and automate our world; who keep our infrastructure – and our lives – running smoothly at home, at work, or anywhere else, In honor of tradesmen everywhere, thank you for all that you do!

And we want to CELEBRATE YOU! 

In the spirit of honoring tradesmen professionals, we want to hear your stories! We all have those folks throughout our careers whose influence has shaped us. They motivate us to persevere when things get tough, inspire us to consider new perspectives when we get stuck, and challenge us to go above and beyond when we feel ourselves falling short. We invite you to comment below and recognize a tradesmen who has inspired you. 

If they are a community member and you tag them, you and the tradesmen you nominate will have a chance to win a sweet surprise!

How it works

In a comment on this blog post, share an appreciation message (roughly 75-100 words) for someone you have worked with in the trades before 11 a.m. EDT on Thursday, September 28th (09/28/2023). Be sure to tag them in your post if they are a Community member. We’ll then draw one at random to win some donuts and send them over to your office.