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 Hello Titans!

I have the great honor and privilege to lead the new ServiceTitan Community, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring you this new platform to connect, share, and learn from each other.

I invite you to read through the welcome message below from Ara and Vahe.

See you in the Community!
Emily Dunn
Manager, Customer Community

Welcome to Community from Ara & Vahe

If you could be a fly on the wall in any of our meetings — be it Leadership, Success, Support, Product, Engineering, or anyone else at ServiceTitan — you would hear that unequivocally, our most common question is, “How can we make our customers even more successful?”

 This question is core to everything we do on our mission to build the operating system that powers the trades. It’s behind every feature we build, every product we launch, every service we deliver, and it’s instilled in the DNA of each of our Titans around the globe. 

And for us, making our customers successful is a simple formula: create and deliver products and services that actually enable you, our customers, to realize true business outcomes. In short: we want to deliver ROI. And every single ServiceTitan employee shares this commitment to help you find ROI throughout your business, with ServiceTitan.

Coming off the heels of Pantheon 2022, we had the pleasure of seeing many of you live and in person for the first time in years. This exact reason is why Pantheon is so special to us and it only reinforced why we love this industry so much. We’ve never seen any other industry where competitors, friends, colleagues, partners, and anyone in between graciously opens their arms and teaches, mentors, and networks with each other like this industry. It’s inspirational to see the impact you each have on one another, through sharing best practices, tips & tricks, and general business advice. It’s truly an amazing community made of some of the finest men and women we know.

And ServiceTitan contractors are an even tighter Community within the trades. We are bonded with one another. We share the same passion, the same hunger to be the best at what we do. We desire to give our teams the best tools. We strive to inspire and motivate our technicians, our dispatchers, our office managers, and our accountants to bring their best selves to work. And we strive to improve each and every day.

This experience of collective passion is what we want to bring you each and every day. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the all-new ServiceTitan Community.

Community empowers you to make a significant impact to your business, in your customers’ lives, and in the trades as a whole. By rapidly solving problems, learning from and with other contractors, and identifying opportunities to grow your business, you can find ways to achieve that next level of success. 

With Community, you’ll now be able to connect with thousands of other Titans, grow your knowledge, and gain inspiration from a network of ServiceTitan Certified Admins, power users, industry partners, and wildly successful contractors. Your peers and mentors will be right there alongside you. 

What makes this online Community special is that all Titans—owners, decision-makers, accounting admins, comfort advisors, dispatchers, marketers—can all seek guidance and inspiration from their peers, to become more efficient and skilled in their specific role, not just with ServiceTitan, but with a one-stop-shop to find best practices in the trades. It’s truly a community unlike any other. 

We recognize every business is unique, and your road to success may not look the same as that of another. Whether you’re just getting started on your business journey or you’re looking to supercharge your company’s growth to that next level, we’ve worked hard to create and develop a variety of programs designed to help you learn the way you prefer to learn. And even more importantly, the way your team wants to learn.

From Knowledge Base to Blue Collar Nerd videos to Toolbox for the Trades, Community brings a new federated search functionality, so you can now search across all of these resources and more from a single point. You can also subscribe to your favorite topics, so you'll never miss out on the latest releases, insights, tips, and best practices. We want to inspire you to dig into the details and tune in to the latest releases, so they may help you deliver amazing business outcomes.

With Community, our Support experience has been reengineered, providing faster resolution with AI-recommended help content, improved routing to appropriate specialists, and the ability to track your case status from inquiry to resolution.

And with Community, you can now funnel your big ideas and product feedback with confidence into one location for streamlined delivery to our internal product teams for review. We’ve added more visibility and transparency into our process, so you can now track the progression of your idea from consideration to roadmap.

We encourage you to explore our programs and share your expertise, so you may expand your knowledge and be a voice of influence for the ServiceTitan Community and for the trades. 

We can’t wait to see what you share. 



Ara & Vahe
ServiceTitan Co-Founders