Am I missing how you sell a job INSIDE the quote? I'm reviewing the estimate option, customer approves the work - I then have to go back to the job, to view options & THEN sell. We should really be able to sell from inside the quote itself

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So when looking at the quote in the office, there is no Button that we can click on anymore to just Sell the quote. A new step has been added where you now have to go into the "Opportunity" page and THEN sell the quote. I often wat to read the quote before I hit sold, and this new set-up is causing confusion in my team, because we want to be Absolutely Positive we are selling the correct quote, which can often be very similar in price... Bring back the Sold button in the actual quote is what is being said. We don't want to have to go to another page to sell the quote and book the new job. Thanks!

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Not the mobile side for the technicians.

I am referring to selling a quote AFTER the job it was created on is completed, from back in the office.

When I am looking at the job page and select an estimate (which I LOVE being able to click them individually btw) I should be able to sell the quote to book it from INSIDE that quote, not have to go back to the job, the list etc. That would just be so awesome.

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Hi Veronica! Are you referring to selling the estimate and automatically converting it into a job?

If you are talking about the mobile side, your techs will have a button that says Sell estimates. Then they get a pop question that says "Perform work now or perform work later". Clicking perform work now will convert that estimate into the job and add all the tasks/services for you upon payment.

If you are talking about the office side, then once you have the estimate pulled up, you can click into "View Opportunity" and there is a button for Sold/Convert on there". That sells the estimate and allows you to book the job for the customer as well.

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