Transferring equipment

Has anyone dealt with this. When we have a existing home we worked in, then it is purchased by a new owner, how can we move the existing equipment from the old owners to the new owner so as to protect the privacy of the old owner but get at least wha...

george_p by New Contributor
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Calendar / Schedule tab

Right now, when a technician is taking vacation or a day off, I go to the dispatch board and enter a event. This shows on my dispatch board. I also go the technician shift tab and make a day off there. But doing both of these steps does not reflect o...

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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No arrival windows?

Hey everyone!We're exploring the option of removing arrival windows and just booking clients for a specific day. Our current arrival windows are 8-10 and 1-5. Does anyone currently not use set arrival windows? If so, what are the pros and the cons? I...

TamCSR by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Green Call Bubbles

I have one CSR that sees everyones call bubbles on her screen (she has not answered or transferred these calls). We use Phones Pro and no other CSR's nor myself can see all the calls on the job booking screen like she can. Am I missing a setting bein...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer Page-adding Phone #s

I am using the older version and with the recent update, I am not able to add contact information on the customer page. When I am on the Edit customer page, I click Edit Contact Methods and it kicks me back out to the customer page. Is there a correc...

klukas by New Contributor II
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New Job Booking update

Howdy everyone!So, as most of you already know, last night there was an update that changed things around on the Job Booking screen.My 3 dispatchers are not happy with the change as it makes things harder for them now, not to mention the area is smal...

ssiegfri by New Contributor III
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