How do i get around filling in the "Marketing Campaign" field every time a call is booked with an existing customer?

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I'd like to see that field moved up to the customer area, or to a field that doesn't require it to be filled in each time a call is booked. We bought a business and it's important to have them showing in the marketing campaign to track work that comes in from them. I was advised to use Tags and pull a report at the end of each month. Hope that works.


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This is a pain and I've even tried deactivating all of the campaigns and still can't book a job when there is nothing in the drop down.  I wonder how we can suggest this for a future update?

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I edited our existing customer marketing campaign so there was 1. in front of it. As high tech of a system this is, It's so annoying this isn't already done.

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YES!!! This!