I spoke with someone in technical support requesting a recording to be added to incoming and outgoing calls stating "this call is recorded" I was told that the incoming calls can be noted as being recorded, but there is no feature for outgoing calls

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@baraica is there any update to adding this feature. In Florida we are a 2-party consent state and i don't want to have to rely on emplyees to always notify the customer that they are being recorded. We turend on a notification through our VOIP provider (8x8) but when outbounding from ServiceTitan, it calls us first and thats when the VOIPs notification plays which is before the customer has been connected.

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Hey Melissa- the tech support team is correct! We don't have a way to add that recording to the outgoing calls you make but hopefully it can become a new feature soon.

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Our outgoing calls are recorded as long as we call from the number on the customers account.