Resolved! outbound call recording

Record outbound calls before entering info: It would be great to be able to record an outbound call before adding customer information. We often get after hour calls from our call center where the customer is leaving a number an declines to leave all...

Call Recordings

Suggestion:When listening to phone calls can you make it so an employee can only listen to their own recordings while management can listen to all.

shawndun by New Contributor
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Overhall the schedule calendar

We have been working on a way to utilize our salesman's schedule. Currently we are using outlook to do so but would love to get rid of outlook as our calendar app and utilize service titan. It looks like as though there are some good bones in the sch...

jruthafo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Home Sold

Question. Would like to know which would the correct way be to update a property that has been sold. Scenario.. customer sold home home. Have created a new customer account for the new homeowner have updated previous account from old homeowner to new...

kimpizer by New Contributor
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Advance capacity planning

Hello all. Who is using advance capacity planning? I am trying to get ours up and running I have all of the configs done per my knowledge but my available hours does not change as I book calls. what is odd is it reports correctly to schedule engine a...

Chasec1 by New Contributor
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Schedule Assistant Win!

Wanted to share this win from Schedule Assistant. We have been trying to really format our call screen to utilize schedule assistant because I think it will save the CSRs a lot of time on scheduling inspections in the future when there are few gaps. ...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Schedule Assistant!

I am really pushing my CSRs to use Schedule Assistant more! It has been really helpful, but there are something that I think will make it quicker to use. would love to be able to set ...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Tags for Locations under Customer Profile

It would be helpful if the tags on the customer profile would auto populate for each service location added under the customer profile when creating the new location. When adding a new location, it doesn't give you the option to add tags. Even after ...