Recurring Services

New Contributor

Why are the "recurring services" not listed under the dispatch board in the UNASSIGNED section?  This would be EXTREMELY beneficial to see visits due until they are booked!!  Also, we could DRAG & DROP in the dispatch board!!!


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Do you use the Follow Up screen to schedule and track your recurring services? That's what we do. The Unassigned area on the dispatch board currently serves a separate function, for already scheduled jobs that are currently unassigned to a technician.



Kristen Johnson - Office Manager - Diamond Heating Cooling, Plumbing & Electric

If you open up a new tab to go to Follow ups, you cannot drag to the dispatch board - the board isn't even visible in the at screen.  It would be super beneficial if all Recurring Services were displayed in the Unassigned Tab - just like the calls on Hold.  This way you can drag and drop.  This would work well for our Commercial Maintenances.  It would also provide a "healthy idea" of the amount of labor hours needed for the month.

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Drag and drop....