Can we have an "Owner/Technician" dual login

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Currently, according to my corporate office support - we can only have either an office side login OR a technician login. I desperately need a "dual" login! Our owner is out in the field (one login would be ideal) working along side of our guys and training. He needs to access the full mobile side of ST as a technician doing jobs but he still wants to see all the office side. Our owner/tech needs to be able to see where all his guys are at and what they are doing as far as jobs. Besides having to login twice for both logins there are additional fees - so the additional charge is really a double for the owner when he's really only a single user. Additional note I feel that ST locks the "in-the-field-owner" out of knowing what's going on in his own company and strips him down to a technician status unless he's sitting in the office.


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Our team has no problem maintaining separate office and field profiles for administrators and managers. Since we pay for managed field techs and we don't pay for office staff, it isn't a huge issue. It is NOT ideal, BUT it is completely capable of being worked around. There are plenty of issues that can be a matter of preference - from an administrative point of view, we like being able to differentiate.

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It's 2022 and this is still an issue that needs to be resolved. The rest of us are incredibly pleased with Service Titan, but our owner can't do everything his guys can.... unless we pay for another license for him. Which seems silly. If he's the owner, he should have full and COMPLETE access to his company's inner workings.

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I wholeheartedly agree! We have several owners/department managers who work both in the office and out in the field. I would love for certain techs to have the ability to switch to "Office Mode" the same way they are able to switch into the "Training Academy" and "Training Mode"