Could we get severe weather alerts?

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Would you be able to add a function, based on zip code, to alert us of severe weather heading our way? Maybe giving us a 5-7 day advance notice? This could be a function that we could turn on ourselves, input our zip code, and get alerts. We all follow the weather, but reminders of severe weather heading our way would be a great help.


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Did anything ever come of this?  The link above now seems to be dead.   I would also love if weather could be incorporated into marketing pro to be used for the auto triggering of emails (IBM Watson Campaign has this feature).

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i think that's a great idea for zones! like if you hovered over the selected zone color it gives you a pop up that gives you an average weather forecast for the zone.

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Weather on the dispatch board and calendar would be nice. Do you use capacity planning with the weather forecast? Here is a link to more info.