Drive time I noticed that tech time spent driving from the time they dispatch to the time they arrive is tacked on the total hours in timesheets, it is not represented in the job costing report for that job. Drive time needs to be auto added to the inv.

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Further to this, the dispatch driving time is not currently included in the calculation of burden rate for the job. For example, a Technician dispatches at 1:21pm and arrives at 1:30pm (9 minutes of travel). They then work from 1:30pm to 2:30pm (1 hour). The Technician is being paid for that driving time, so that should be included in the Job Costing's "Labor Burden" rate as well. Currently, it only calculates it based on "Working" time of 1 hour, not 1:09, which would be more accurate.

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Totally agree! Why would it not include the cost of employee time driving, when the function of the job costing tab is to give us job costs....