Job Bubble Colors

I think there should be a way to change the color of the jobs on the dispatch board - we are trying to distinguish the completed jobs and the on hold jobs but they look almost the exact same. What are your thoughts?

scheduling jobs that are on hold

Is there an option for scheduling calls that have been placed on hold to have the hold removed automatically when scheduling the additional job instead of having to remove the hold in addition to actually scheduling the additional job?

aecox by New Contributor
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Resolved! Technician Shifts

Is there a way to create 1 standard shift and add technicians to it? Right now we are creating individual shift per tech.

iwilliam by New Contributor
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Dispatch board appearance

The dispatch board is now showing completed calls in a white bubble instead of the blue line and it is very cluttered looking and quite frustrating. Is there a way to change this back? Maybe an option to show the completed calls in the white bubble f...

Organizing the dispatch board

Hi! Just spoke with a tenant with a good idea for organizing the dispatch board, it would be really useful if we can implement a feature to organize the technicians on the Business Unit by productivity, and to organize the Business Unit on the Dispat...

Dispatch Goals

Good Morning,I am not a dispatcher however I am looking for what everyone suggests or follows for dispatchers. Do you have goals such as they need to call 40 customers a day and try to get them booked? We are hoping to add some guidelines and some st...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Job notifications

Can we possibly add the job notification toggle switch to this bubble off the dispatch board?

tziegler1 by New Contributor II
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Schedule Assistant needs work

We are trying to become more efficient with our routing and job scheduling. We're a pretty large company that does 50+ stops within a 40-mile radius of our shop every single day. We're tired of driving to the same towns that are 45+ minutes away, onl...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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History Permission

i was just wondering if there is a way to control who can see the history in jobs. for example my techs are asking dispatchers and CSR's who calls are being moved to when they no longer see a job on them. makes me wish i could restrict who can see re...

Bettsy by New Contributor
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