Google Maps taking the technician to the wrong location, even when the address is verified

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Most of our technicians have experienced at least one instance where they click the link to dispatch to a verified location, but the map takes them to the incorrect location. The technicians no longer trust the location GPS link within Service Titan; they wind up copying and pasting the address into Apple maps or Waze for fear that they will be taken to the incorrect location, costing us time and money. 

Is there another maps provider that will integrate with Service Titan? 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi all,

This seems to have popped up again. This time with a slight change in the latest release? If we do not validate when creating a new customer, the "Manually Set Lat/Long" gets checked. With blank GPS numbers, our techs are getting directed to somewhere other than the location address.  We are correcting for this, but is anyone else seeing this in the last few weeks?




If you were to guess how many times out of 100 it didn't work, what would you guess?

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Maybe 15-20 out of a hundred. 

That's a problem.