Resolved! Favorite Feature

What is your favorite feature in dispatch or call booking that helps your business to be more efficient and cut travel time?Our most recent discovery has been Maps 2.0, we are currently using it to review our schedule and mapping for the next day to ...

disimpso by New Contributor III
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Visible map of location when on customer page??

It would be so helpful to see a small map of the location of the job when on the customer page. I know you can click the link of the actual address of the company, but that's another step and another tab open. If I could just open a job and see the l...

JulieRCI by New Contributor II
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Issue with Dispatch - Refreshing Data at sign-in

Hey, we're having an issue with a couple employees where when they first go to sign in to ST, they land on dispatch and are met with the screen saying "Refreshing Data," continuously. Then they'll have to sign out and back in before they see the corr...

Dispatch Pro

Hi Everyone!I am looking for some feedback about Dispatch Pro. Does it look into the future to assign jobs that are in the job tray? If so, how often and how far ahead?Thank you for any and all feedback! Melanie HammondVines Plumbing

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Drive Time Question - Dispatch

When scheduling service calls, do you stretch out the job to include the drive time from the previous service call to the next or do you leave a gap in the schedule to reflect the drive time?When using schedule assistant it will leave a gap for the d...

coreyj by New Contributor II
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[WEBINAR] Dispatch Pro: The Future of Dispatching is Here

Join us on Thursday, July 20th, at 10 am PT to hear about our latest innovation, Dispatch Pro! Powered by Titan Intelligence, Dispatch Pro is a machine learning algorithm that automatically assigns technicians to jobs to maximize profit. Learn about ...

by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Turf Care

Hello, everyone. I am fairly new to using Aspire and will be using it to run and operate my Turf Care Program. I am having trouble with the scheduling portion since my jobs are not recurring. I'm currently used to Service AutoPilot where you have the...

Rhardesty by New Contributor
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Select multiple unassigned jobs and assign to one technician

Hi all, At the time of booking, we do not assign a technician. We assign jobs the night before. Is there a way to 'bulk assign' jobs, besides clustering on Map 2.0? We currently are working off the dispatch page and manually dragging and dropping eac...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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