Mass Follow Ups?

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Every quarter we send out over 600+ emails to remind customers about their annual maintenance. We then log our follow up so our CSRs know who has been had a reminder sent and who hasn't. Sending the mass email is extremely easy and we have no issues there. The major issue we have is we have to go into each account and log each follow up separately. Is there away to log a mass follow up with the customers on the email list?

There has got to be a way to make this easier. We waste so much valuable time logging follow ups.


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I agree - this  set up creates a slow and tedious process that is not a wise use of time. 

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I agree, this would be so beneficial.

Another contact avenue we use is a product named PhoneTree. This allows us to export the list of upcoming appointments on the Follow Up tab in excel, and upload it to our Phonetree program. Making phone call reminders about the available appointment for scheduling. Unfortunately, we have to update each contact individually, as opposed to a bulk follow up attempt update. It would be wonderful if there was a simple way to update the list with the follow up attempts that have been made in bulk.