Dispatch Board Issues

I have had issues with scheduling non-job events. I set the time for 7am-9am for training and clicked save. When I went back to the dispatch board, the time was changed to 9am-11am. I can't get it to stay in the time frame I want. Has anyone else had...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Let's say a tech needs to add notes to a previous job they were on, is there a way to add it to their schedule WITHOUT having to dispatch them to the job and sending notifications to the client?

brianne_ by New Contributor
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Technician View

Is there any way for the technicians to view a Google Maps location photo? In a previous service we used the technicians would be able to see a photo of the property and general info (that is linked to google). Is there any way to add that feature?

Unfortunate Change to Maps 2.0

Maps 2.0 used to have a free draw tool for selecting groups of invoices on the screen. This made it so easy to select a group of appointments that are closely grouped together and assign technicians to them. Sometime since fall 2022 when I last mass ...

michelle49 by New Contributor II
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Feedback needed for Dispatch Pro

Hi Everyone,I’m a UX Researcher, and we’re working to improve our dispatch experience. I am working with product designers, and we’d love to get your feedback on a new experience, specifically related to Dispatch Pro and onboarding settings informati...

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Dispatch Performance Report

Good afternoon,I know Legacy Reports are not what we want to be using for our dispatch performance report, is there a way to create a report with the same information? I do want to know by dispatchers the amount of jobs dispatched, average distance, ...

karlamsc by New Contributor
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