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Good morning, 

Is there any way to add a tag or flag a call with a different color when we put a call on hold? Cause I know I get busy and need to go back to jobs to order parts. If it was flagged some how that would be wonderful.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

A few things we do: 

1. When the tech needs to return, the tech would close the job out with a "need another appointment" on the mobile side. When they do this it puts a bright red outline around the job, which flags the office.

2. Dispatch goes in and either adds another appointment or adds another job and put the appt/job on hold based on what the return is needed. Then they tag that job with a green check mark, so we know that the follow up part has been completed.

3. We have a CSR responsible for going through all hold jobs/appointments. This way they do not get missed and get taken care of as soon as possible!


This process has worked for us! Happy to elaborate.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I don't know of a way to automate this but you can review the jobs that are on hold in the hold tab on the bottom of the dispatch screen. We typically make the job type "Parts Needed" then we can filter by that job type, then change the job type to "PC2S" (please call to schedule) once the parts are in. 

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